Lakulish Yoga University is the first private university of Gujarat which focuses solely on yoga and established by Swami Rajarshi Muni in April 2013 under the Private Universities Act 2009, and inaugurated by former Chief Minister of Gujarat and presently the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendrabhai Modiji on 23rd May, 2013 which blossoms in Lotus View on S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

The University was started with the apparent purpose of blending traditional yoga with science, to make this knowledge relevant and accessible to the world. It is a University with the objective of promoting higher education and research in yoga, provides an opportunity to learn Ancient Indian Traditional Yoga, Its Culture and Evidence-based Yogic Sciences and making rapid progress to emerge as a leading yoga educational institution of India.

In the year 1976, Brahmalin Param Pujya Guru Krupalvanandji in his speech while inaugurating the Lakulish Yoga Institute said that he had already sown the seed of this institute on accepting Swami Rajarshi Muni as his principle disciple six years ago. Further Guruji stated organizations are built through wisdom of divine sanyasis and exemplary yogis and not merely by cement and bricks. He expressed his willingness and desire that Lakulish Yoga Institute will grow to Lakulish Yoga University one day. The divine words of Param Pujya Guruji came true on 23rd May, 2013.

Life Mission

The Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission (LIFE Mission) is a Registered Public Charitable Trust based in Gujarat (India). It was founded in 1993 by Swami Rajarshi Muni, a practicing advanced yogi. The Mission is registered on 26.3.96 by the Assistant Charity Commissioner Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and bears Registration Number E/643/Surendranagar.

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Objectives of life mission

  • To conduct a worldwide campaign for spiritual and culturalawakening.
  • To promote and propagate the knowledge and practice of the ancient science of yoga.
  • To help direct minds of people towards cultural, moral, ethical and spiritual values
  • To serve humanity through selfless service withoutdiscrimination based on race, religion, nationality, caste orgender.
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Life Mission would fulfill these
objectives by the following means:

  • By forming cadres of workers comprised of various classes of renunciate and non-renunciate initiated disciples and setting up Mission SanskarKendras (Culture Centers) throughout the world to prosecute a global campaign to spread moral, ethical, spiritual and cultural values.
  • By undertaking scientific teaching, training and extension of yoga and creating institutional capability for the same.
  • By arranging public and private discourses of renowned spiritual persons on philosophical, cultural and spiritual matters to sensitize and awaken people towards cultural, moral, spiritual and ethical values.
  • By spreading cultural, social and spiritual enlightenment through production and dissemination of appropriate literature and such other means.
  • By undertaking community service and development works for public benefit.

Indian culture can even today receive respect and feel welcomeeverywhere and can guide the whole world because it is based onfundamental principles which can be found acceptable by all mankind.This way Indian culture has the capacity to become the culture ofmankind.

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Spiritual Lineage

Lakulish Avatar

Lakulish Avatar

It is said as follows in the Shiv Purana: “During the twenty-eighth Dwapar age when Dwaipayan, son of Parasar, shall be Vyas and Lord Vishnu shall incarnate as Lord Krishna, son of Vasudev, I too shall incarnate in the body of a celibate and shall be known as Lakulish. The place of my incarnation shall be a siddhakshetra and it shall be renowned among men till the earth shall last”.

This prophecy came to pass nearly 4500 years ago when Lord Lakulish incarnated on earth at Kayavarohan (near the city of Vadodara in Gujarat) as was foretold by Him. He preached the principles of SanatanDharma and the science of Divine Yoga. He himself departed the earth in due time but the purpose of his incarnation continued to be served by four adept yogi disciples, Kushik, Garg, Mitr and Kaurush. The tradition is believed to have flourished for about three thousand years. Eventually however, with the passage of time, the teachings of this tradition ceased.

In 1913, an event of extraordinary spiritual importance occurred. BhagwanLakulish himself once again revived his spiritual lineage for arranging the execution of certain lofty and noble plans he had for the benefit of human beings by initiating Swami Pranavananda and imparting to him the secrets of Divine Yoga.

The present day disciple tradition of Lord Lakulish so started survives to this day and is presently headed by Swami Rajarshi Muni.

The Divine Meeting

His Holiness Swami Rajarshi Muni had entered into secluded sadhana in 1971 and had remained in relative seclusion until 1993. But by late 1992 Rajarshi’s sadhana had seemingly hit an impenetrable wall. He had been impatient to gain entry into Laya Yoga and all his research into the scriptures had not been able to give him the answers to his bewildering questions. But where could he turn?

Then, on February 15, 1993, Lord Lakulish manifested before him in his meditation and directed him to withdraw from seclusion and to serve mankind.

“I began to perceive a spot of light before my inner eye… A human form seated in padmasan began to emerge from the circle of illumination… the glow of his form was brighter than polished gold… As my eyes opened my eyelids flickered in the dazzling glow. I could now see the very same vision with my physical eyes. The same glowing person was seated before me in padmasan, floating about four feet above the ground…

The Divine Command

“Understand my command well. Through the agency of my spiritual tradition, you must launch an enlightenment campaign for the re-establishment of the highest values of human culture” (sanatandharm).

The field of this campaign is not to be limited to Gujarat or India alone but should embrace the whole world.

“Sanatandharm commends a life of simplicity. Therefore man must learn to curtail his needs and live a simple life. Yet acquisitiveness is increasing among the people of the world and this is causing the spread of all manner of wrongs and evils. The increase in wants and needs has resulted in the propagation of selfishly motivated competition in the world. As a result, people tend to put away principled living. This rot does not take long to spread, and corruption comes to be regarded as the normal coin of the day.”

Culture and Spirituality

“A man becomes truly cultured when his spiritual development takes place along with his physical and mental development. God created man not that he may fall, but that he may ascend. Thus culture without spirituality remains incomplete.”

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The Three Pillars of Culture

“This campaign must take in hand the task of gradually creating an atmosphere of peace, righteousness, ethical behaviour and spirituality in the world. Mankind can progress only if human conduct is based upon ethical, moral and spiritual values which are the three pillars of culture: Ethical behaviour is the foundation of culture; righteousness is its mansion; and spirituality is its roof top”.

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The Lakulish International Fellowship’s Enlightenment Mission (LIFE Mission) is a Registered Public Charitable Trust based in Gujarat (India). It was founded in 1993 by Swami Rajarshi Muni, a practicing advanced yogi More..

Address : Lakulish Yoga University Lotus View, Near Balaji Temple, S.G. High Way, Chharodi, Ahmedabad-382481, Gujarat, India.







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