Yoga as a Career

Today, Yoga has become nothing less than a global phenomenon. The ancient practices of Indian sages and seers have creating quite a stir in the fitness world. These days, people have become conscious regarding their weight and are constantly in search of new exercise regimes that help them lose weight and tone their bodies. Yoga has proved to be a holistic workout that not only exercises the body; it also gives stability and peace to the mind. Yoga has garnered a lot of interest in countries other than India. People from all over the world have started practicing Yoga and there is a constant demand for trained Yoga teachers who have been bestowed with considerable knowledge of our ancient tradition.


In the present time, a yoga teacher is bridled with the responsibility of imparting yoga to people of different age groups, following different lifestyles. Hence, the job of a yoga instructor has become a challenging task. He/she should be smart enough to design a regimen to suit different needs of different people. People with disabilities have also turned to Yoga and it is the responsibility of the instructor to design a workout that triggers these disabilities and minimizes/cures them. The instructor should have the ability to encourage and inspire the clients, to lead a healthy life. The job of a yoga teacher demands hard work and dedication. In the present scenario, the demand of efficient yoga instructors is rising, as yoga is considered as a stress buster and an effective way to stay fit.

Working Scope


Yoga training is one of the highly lucrative career options in India. A beginner can earn between Rs. 10000-Rs15000 per month, while an experienced yoga trainer with extra qualification of MSC & PHD can earn more than Rs50000 - Rs60000 per month.