Message From The President

Dear Seekers,

Lakulish Yoga University invites all deserving students of the world. Our program is to everyone who is deeply interested in various Yoga open systems, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic hygiene and yoga therapy. This is an opportunity for students to explore wide varieties of such teachings and practices at our Lakulish Yoga University which is unique of its kind in the entire state of Gujarat and in India too.

Yoga is the holistic approach to all aspects of life, physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga views the person as a whole a unique combination of body mind and soul. Its techniques maintain harmony of body, mind and soul. We have undertaken this task through an innovative way, information, inspiration and transformation hand in hand in our regular classes, periodical shibirs go workshops) and enlightening lectures.

Swami Vivekananda sa"Each soul of human life is potentially divine, the goal of life is to manifest that divinity within by controlling nature internal and external". How to control? By without hope and without ego to do selfless services/actions for the welfare of others or by total devotional dedication of all emotions with actions at the altar of God or have to realize that, I am the consciousness(ATMA) not gross, subtle and casual bodies or by the Raj Yoga to control various forms(vrittis) of chitta(Mind) and have to be free.

Therefore, be a part of our Journey to spiritual upliftment and physical fitness. Yoga would infuse your life with optimum positivity and love that pervades the whole universe as a family. With Devotional Respect

Dr. Dinesh Amin
Lakulish Yoga University