Message from the provost

Yoga, the treasure of Indian spiritual heritage, is the gift and grace of ancient Rishi-Munis. Gujarat has added yet one more feather in its cap through the establishment of a Yoga University by the blessings and inspiration of swami Rajarshi Muniji, disciple of Swami Kripalavanandji, in linage of Lord Lakulish, twenty-eight incarnation of Lord Shiva. By the grace of swami Rajarshi Muniji, I have the r of being the first provost this unique University sponsored by the Lakulish International Fellowship's Enlightment Mission(Life mission).

Yoga is a wonderful blend of science and spiritualism it is truly said in Shiva sanhita that

(Shiv sanhita patal-1)
It is finally accepted after evaluating all shastras that Yogshastra is sole supreme which provides complete knowledge quest must be towards it, why to go for other shastra?

Till now, the Lakulish Yoga Vidyalaya is providing Yoga education free of cost. Now the Lakulish Yoga University has started fee basis different degree programs in Yogic science. The courses are designed not only to learn the holistic approach of YoGA but also to improve one's health, peace, harmony and knowledge. Even Yogopanishad affairms (Yoga shikhopanishad 1-12) means How a person who has not known yoga will acquire jnana and moksha?

It is an adventure to enquire the deepest layer of way's identity in the quest of truth. The objectives of the course are to bring all round personality development of the students at all levels and train them in YOGA science. Post graduate and Doctoral programmes are proposed to be started in the future. There will also be short-term courses to suit multiple needs and demands.

 Lakulish Yoga University is Gujarat first University which provides sound health of body and mind through its courses Yoga purgates the soul which is the aim of Lakulish Yoga Umiversity.